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Allows querying for a list of collections in the channel. The query is a wildcard search on:

  • name
  • description



HTTP Method


Required Paramaters

Paramater Default Maximum Length Accepted Values Description
token API Persistence Token that identifies this user and its permissions.

Optional Paramaters

Paramater Default Maximum Length Accepted Values Description
search string The search terms to be used in the query.
limit 50 The maximum number of collections to return.
page 1 Depends on query Integers The current pages to display based on the limit.
fields id, name, items API Collection Fields List of comma separated fields to be returned in the response.


Field Type Description
http_status integer API Status Code
error Rails default
collections array of API Collection Fields List of collections
page integer The current viewed page of results.
per-page integer The maximum number of results to return per page.
total-pages integer The total number of pages that exist.
total-entries integer The total number of entries found from all pages.
result_length integer Total number of results that have been returned on this page. This may differ from the per-page/limit value on the last page.


All collections on the channel

Parameters Values
token 1f0qpLwoV5oIcfnU2yvO

Search for 'test' returning all fields

Parameters Values
token 1f0qpLwoV5oIcfnU2yvO
search test
fields id,name,description,activate_at,deactivate_at,active,disable_deactivation,slideshow,rotation_speed,updated_at,created_at,items

Limit to first 2 collections

result_length is 3 because there are 3 collections that can be returned, but the user requested only for 2

Parameters Values
token 1f0qpLwoV5oIcfnU2yvO
limit 2
fields id,name