Mobile briefcase quick start guide

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The following guide provides a quick and easy step by step build to help you get your mobile briefcase up and running from scratch.

Signup for a New Profile

The following steps will help guide you through signing up for a new mobile briefcase profile. If you already have an unroole profile or have previously signed up for an admin profile, skip to the next step.

  1. Navigate to

    Mobile Briefcase Information Site.png

    Information Site
  2. Click on "Start Free Trial"
  3. Follow the steps to complete registration of new admin profile and account.

    Mobile Briefcase Signup Form.png

    Registration Form
  4. (Optional) After entering your registration information you will be prompted to fill in additional information should you wish.

    Mobile Briefcase - Registration Complete.png

    Mobile Briefcase Additional Information Panel
  5. Once your registration has been completed you will recieve a followup confirmation email.

    Admin Account Registration Confirmation.png

    Mobile Briefcase Registration Confirmation
  6. You will need to wait a short time while we verify your account. Once completed you should recieve a followup email with an activation link.

    Admin account Registration activation.png

    Mobile Briefcase Profile Activation
  7. Upon clicking this link we will seed your account with some meaningful content and your signup is complete.

    Mobile Briefcase Confirmation Email.png

    Mobile Briefcase Seeded Content Setup

Login to the Admin Panel

After registration has been completed and you have recieved your followup credentials you need to login to the admin panel.

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel

    Admin Panel Login.png

    Admin Panel
  2. Enter your admin credentials
  3. Click 'Login' to be directed to your profile dashboard.

    Admin Panel - Profile Dashboard.png

    Admin panel dashboard after login

Navigating Your New Profile

Navigating a new Mobile Briefcase