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Unroole Admin - Bulk editing assets.png

Bulk editing the tags and share options of a group of assets.

Bulk updates allow a user to make mass changes to a group of assets in the asset library. To bulk edit assets follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Asset Library
  2. 'Check' assets that should be edited from the asset list. You can use the search menu to limit the asset library result set before checking assets to edit
  3. Select edit from the bulk edit menu
  4. Click 'submit' to enter the bulk management form

Once you are in the bulk management form you will be able to manage fields just as you would through the normal asset update form. Note that not all fields are available in the bulk edit form due to the nature of potentially different assets.

Unroole Admin - Asset update selecting description for change.png

Bulk editing the description of a group of assets.

To make changes to an asset you must first check the field that you wish to change. Unchecked fields will be left alone when submitted to the server. This allows you to manage which fields are updated and which remain the same.

Some useful scenarios for bulk editing are:

  • Changing the tags of an asset.
  • Mass updating the share, edit, print properties of an asset.
  • Setting a base name of a few assets (and then updating them individually afterwards)
  • Changing the description of a group of assets.
  • Changing the private status of assets.

Notes on bulk editing

  • When updating tags on bulk edit the previous tags on an asset will be fully replaced. Therefore if the previous tags were "demo", "news", "adventure" and a list of "demo", "sample", "misc" is entered the "news" and "adventure" tags will be dropped.
  • Name and description fields on bulk updates will overwrite each property respectively for all assets being edited.