Adding Items To a Collection

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Unroole Admin - Collection Item Management.png

Display the item finder and item edit list of a collection.

Items can be added to a collection through a simple bulk add process.

  1. (Optionally) Filter using the standard search bar at the top of the "Add items" panel.
  2. "Check" the items you wish to add to the list
  3. Click "add" to add those items to the list.


  • A maximum of 7 items will be displayed at one time.
  • You can scoll between pages to add multiple items
  • Each page has a checkbox for selecting all items on that page located to the left of the "Name" header
  • The same item can be added many times to the list. This can be useful for guided presentations or slideshows.

Unroole Admin - Collection item management searching.png

Filtering on the nature tag when adding items to a collection

Since its possible to have hundreds or thousands of items available to add to the collection the system gives the ability to filter the available entries. Any of the text fields present on an item can be used to filter the results. This generally includes name, type, tags and sometimes description. After filtering the search results you can add items as normal to the collection.