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Unroole Admin - Collection Properties Panel.png

Available properties fields available for collections

Each collection has some properties which control how the collection will function on the Mobile Briefcase App. These properties are:

  • Name - The name visible on the mobile briefcase app.
  • Description - For personal categorization in the admin panel. This will not be displayed to users of the collection.
  • Active - Determines whether the collection is ready to be sent to the app.
  • Activate On - When the collection starts being sent to the mobile app. (When active checked)
  • Expires - When the collection will no longer be visible on the mobile app. (When active checked)
  • Never Expires - Indicates that this collection will never expire.
  • Slideshow - Determines if the items in this collection should be automatically rotated.
  • Rotation Speed - Determines the rate at which items in a collection are rotate. (When slideshow checked)

Note that even when the activation date has passed for a collection will not be visible on the mobile briefcase app until the collection is made "Active".