Uploading Assets

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Uploading an asset is extremely simple and can be done in a few easy steps.

  1. Navigate to the Asset Library

    Unroole Admin - Asset Library.png

    The Asset Library
  2. Click on "Upload New Assets"

    Unroole Admin - Upload new asset Step 1.png

    Open the new asset panel
  3. Select the type of asset to upload.

    Unroole Admin - Upload asset type file.png

    Uploading Files

    Unroole Admin - Upload asset type youtube video.png

    Uploading Videos
  4. (optional) Fill in any of the meta fields associated with an asset.

    Unroole Admin - Upload an asset stpe 2.png

    Various meta data fields available in the asset library
  5. Add files or youtube videos to the form
  6. Click submit to complete the upload.

    Unroole Admin - Asset Upload Complete.png

    Various meta data fields available in the asset library

Notes on file uploads

  • If left blank name will be auto populated from the attached file or youtube video.
  • If multiple files are added at once and any of the name, description, tags fields are entered each asset will receive the same information. This can be useful when entering multiple items which each need to have the same tags or description.
  • New browsers may be able to select multiple files after clicking browse. Older browsers must rely on the add another functionality.
  • Youtube files will allow for either a youtube url or youtube video id.
  • For more information on the "share", "edit" and "print" functionality see Collections