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Collections are a way of grouping items to be used in the Mobile Briefcase. Unlike galleries which are used primarily in widgets collections cannot be used in widgets. Collections are broken down into three different sections:

  • Properties - Which control the basic meta information about a collection
  • Items -The items that belong to that collection and can be accessed on the mobile device
  • Users - The users which have access to see the collection.

Accessing Collections

Unroole Admin - Admin Collections.png

The collections section in the unroole admin panel.
  1. Navigate to a Mobile Channel
  2. Click on "Channel Content"
  3. Click on "Collections"

Note: If you do not see the collections selection in the sidebar menu under "Channel Content" its possible that you don't have access to manage collections.

== Managing Properties

Managing Collection Properties

Managing Items

Managing Collection Items

Managing Users

Managing Collection Users