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Mobile Seeded Admin Panel - Mobile Briefcase Users.png

Mobile briefcase user panel

A mobile briefcase domain is a system unique name used to help organize Mobile Briefcase Users across many accounts. Each domain can hold the same username once allowing for the same user to be re-used by different accounts and domains. Due to the multi-tenancy nature of the system the mobile domains must be unique across all accounts. However each account can have many domains leading to a plethora of possiblities in groupings.

Note that domains are only used for internal grouping and search and when Mobile Briefcase Users login. They are not used by any other part of the system.

Example Naming Conventions

Due to the fact that mobile domains must be unique its generally a good idea to use a consistent naming convention. For example:

  • Company A - North
  • Company A - West
  • Company B - North

Using this structure you could use the same username in each domain but give different access to each of the mobile users in a domain.

Updating Domain Information

Warning updating mobile domain.png

Warning message when updating mobile domains

Both the name and description of a mobile domain can be updated. When updated each user who belongs to that domain is also updated to reflect the change in domain name so the relationship is not lost.

It's worth noting however than when a domain name is changed all of the users currently logged into the mobile briefcase application with the old domain will need to re-login to update their data.