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Collections are a way of grouping items to be used in the Mobile Briefcase. Each item added to a collection is visible to whomever has access to that collection whether through the admin panel or the Mobile Briefcase Application. Collections are broken down into three different sections:

  • Properties - Which control the basic meta information about a collection
  • Items -The items that belong to that collection and can be accessed on the mobile device
  • Users - The users which have access to see the collection.

Accessing Collections

Unroole Admin - Admin Collections.png

The collections section in the unroole admin panel.
  1. Navigate to a Mobile Channel
  2. Click on "Channel Content"
  3. Click on "Collections"

Note: If you do not see the collections selection in the sidebar menu under "Channel Content" its possible that you don't have access to manage collections.


Unroole Admin - Collection Properties Panel.png

Available properties fields available for collections

Each collection has some properties which control how the collection will function on the Mobile Briefcase App. These properties are:

  • Name - The name visible on the mobile briefcase app.
  • Description - For personal categorization in the admin panel. This will not be displayed to users of the collection.
  • Active - Determines whether the collection is ready to be sent to the app.
  • Activate On - When the collection starts being sent to the mobile app. (When active checked)
  • Expires - When the collection will no longer be visible on the mobile app. (When active checked)
  • Never Expires - Indicates that this collection will never expire.
  • Slideshow - Determines if the items in this collection should be automatically rotated.
  • Rotation Speed - Determines the rate at which items in a collection are rotate. (When slideshow checked)

Note that even when the activation date has passed for a collection will not be visible on the mobile briefcase app until the collection is made "Active".


Unroole Admin - Collection Item List.png

The highlighted area displays the items currently available in the collection.

The primary purpose of a collection is to group and make available different pieces of content (or items) from the CMS. Each collection contains a list of items that are available to any mobile briefcase app user that has beed added to the collection. Items in a collection are ordered to make it easier to guide which ones will be displayed first on the mobile application. Collections are similar to galleries in that they can store assets from the Asset Library. However unlike galleries, collections can also store additional types of items from the CMS and cannot be used in widgets. Items that can currently be added to the collection are:

Additionally many of the items that can be added to a collection have the ability to be shared, edited, or printed. These properties can be changed either on the items themselves or when adding items to the collection. See Mobile Briefcase Collection Extensions for more details.

Adding items

Unroole Admin - Collection Item Management.png

Display the item finder and item edit list of a collection.

Items can be added to a collection through a simple bulk add process.

  1. (Optionally) Filter using the standard search bar at the top of the "Add items" panel.
  2. "Check" the items you wish to add to the list
  3. Click "add" to add those items to the list.


  • A maximum of 7 items will be displayed at one time.
  • You can scoll between pages to add multiple items
  • Each page has a checkbox for selecting all items on that page located to the left of the "Name" header
  • The same item can be added many times to the list. This can be useful for guided presentations or slideshows.

Unroole Admin - Collection item management searching.png

Filtering on the nature tag when adding items to a collection

Since its possible to have hundreds or thousands of items available to add to the collection the system gives the ability to filter the available entries. Any of the text fields present on an item can be used to filter the results. This generally includes name, type, tags and sometimes description. After filtering the search results you can add items as normal to the collection.

Sorting items

Unroole Admin - Sorting Items in a Collection.png

Moving one of the items in a collection.

Every collection has the ability to all for sorting of items. This can be useful for unattended slideshows or guided presentations of items in the collection. Sorting items in a collection is extremely simple.

  1. Move your mouse over the item you wish to move.
  2. Click and hold while dragging the item up or down.
  3. The "Processing" indicator will appear at the bottom right of the screen while the update is saved.
  4. When the "Processing" indicator disappears the change has been made.

If you attempt to sort an item but do not wait for the processing indicator to complete before navigating away the changes may not be saved.

Removing items

Unroole Admin - Collection List Delete Item.png

Highlighting the delete button for items in the collection list.

Items in the collection list can be removed through an extremely simple process.

  1. Navigate to the collection list
  2. Find the item you wish to remove in the list
  3. Click the "Delete" icon to remove the item from the list.


Unroole Admin - Collection Users.png

Listing out the users in the collection.

Each collection has the ability to add mobile users. Users who are added to the collection have access to see the items in that collection. All mobile briefcase users are managed on the Account and are implicitly available on the channel when they are added to a collection.

Managing User Access

Unroole Admin - Adding users to a collection.png

Selecting which users have access to a particular collection

Adding/Removing users from a collection uses a mechanism similiar to that of Bulk Asset Updates.

  1. Navigate to the collection
  2. Click the "Edit Users" button
  3. "check/uncheck" the box of the users you wish to give/revoke access
  4. Click submit to save your choice

Unroole Admin - Search for users on a collection.png

Searching for a mobile user that matches the search term tommy.

As your account grows you will inevitability have more and more mobile users. To be able to quickly manage the subset of users belonging to a collection use the search panel to filter based on user email or domain.

Unroole Admin - Duplicate collections from mobile briefcase.png

Duplicating user tommy's collection information for a new user.

Sometimes you will want to make an exact clone of the collections a user has access to. This can be useful when setting up a large number of users all at once. To copy an exist users permissions follow these steps.

  1. Switch to the Account level
  2. Navigate to Mobile Briefcase Users under Account
  3. Click "Create Mobile Briefcase User" or the edit button on an existing user
  4. Start typing in a username to copy
  5. Click "Submit"

Note that any existing collections that user belongs to will be replaced.