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Assets are the heart of the cms and the asset library allows admins to manage their asset content from a single location. All rich media assets are managed through this library. From pictures and videos to documents and PDFs any type of file can be added to the asset library. The library is also smart in detecting the content of certain file types such as Video's, PDF's, Word/Excel Documents, images, etc and determining whether the file is corrupt or has been named with an incorrect extension.


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 | 300
 | A short tutorial video on using the asset library.


Supported Formats

The system supports a variety of formats for documents. It is able to detect these formats and identify some simple naming or formating errors preventing problems when integrating this type of content in other parts of the system.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • PDF documents
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint Documents
  • Keynote Files
  • Some Compressed Archives
  • etc

All other asset types that the system is unable to identify are simply given the type of 'Document'.

Alternate Styles

Unroole Admin - Asset library versions.png

Displaying the stock grass image and its alternative image styles.

To make things easier images and PDF assets support alternative styles. These styles can be used in most places just like the original file. Sometimes these styles will be stored in a different format to allow admins to leverage the alternative style of their asset in unique ways. For example PDF files will be stored in the JPG format to allow them to be displayed on pages or in galleries. By default the system styles are:

  • original
  • thumbnail
  • icon

For custom installations these styles can be expanded upon and managed during inital setup.

Not all of the asset types however support this feature. (ex: 'Document') In this case the system is smart enough to know when to display the alternative version and when to hide them.

Asset Dependencies

Unroole Admin - Asset used in.png

An assed used in a collection

When an asset is used in some other part of the system an association is made to where it is used. This information is used to track the asset usage when it can be deleted. For each asset you should be able to see the other items in the system that are using this asset in the properties panel.

Other Functions

Private Assets

Unroole Admin - Asset Public Accessibility.png

Highlighting the status of a publicly available asset

Assets in the system can be shared eithier privately or publicly. Privately shared assets are only accessible from the admin panel or when added as content through other panels (ex: Layout Editor). This means that sharing or bookmarking a link to these assets will not work. If this functionality is required an asset should be changed to public which gives full access to share the asset outside of the CMS.

Extended Functionality

Assets may also have other properties used exclusively in different parts of the system. An example of this would be the Mobile Briefcase Collection Extensions. These features will only be present when certain engines have been included in the system build.

Individual Asset Management

Unroole Admin - Asset Edit Panel.png

Use the edit button to enter into edit mode for an asset.

To update an individual asset start by navigating to the asset you wish to update and then click the edit button to enter edit panel for that asset. From this panel you should be able to change all properties.

Uploading an Asset

Uploading an asset is extremely simple and can be done in a few easy steps.

  1. Navigate to the Asset Library

    Unroole Admin - Asset Library.png

    The Asset Library
  2. Click on "Upload New Assets"

    Unroole Admin - Upload new asset Step 1.png

    Open the new asset panel
  3. Select the type of asset to upload.

    Unroole Admin - Upload asset type file.png

    Uploading Files

    Unroole Admin - Upload asset type youtube video.png

    Uploading Videos
  4. (optional) Fill in any of the meta fields associated with an asset.

    Unroole Admin - Upload an asset stpe 2.png

    Various meta data fields available in the asset library
  5. Add files or youtube videos to the form
  6. Click submit to complete the upload.

    Unroole Admin - Asset Upload Complete.png

    Various meta data fields available in the asset library

Notes on file uploads

  • If left blank name will be auto populated from the attached file or youtube video.
  • If multiple files are added at once and any of the name, description, tags fields are entered each asset will receive the same information. This can be useful when entering multiple items which each need to have the same tags or description.
  • New browsers may be able to select multiple files after clicking browse. Older browsers must rely on the add another functionality.
  • Youtube files will allow for either a youtube url or youtube video id.
  • For more information on the "share", "edit" and "print" functionality see Collections

Updating Asset Properties

Unroole Admin - Asset Edit Form.png

Editing a particular image asset.

Updating asset metadata is fairly straight forward. Once in the edit panel you can update information about an asset. This information current includes:

  • name
  • description
  • tags

There may also be additional fields available as part of an extension. For example the Mobile Briefcase Collection Extensions fields include:

  • share
  • edit
  • print

Updating an Asset Style

Unroole Admin - Changing an alternative asset.png

Changing the thumbnail of an alternative style

Updating the style of certain assets allows an admin to either replace the original file of an asset or one of its alternative versions. This can be done through the edit form for an individual asset.

  1. Navigate to the edit form of the asset you wish to change
  2. Click the change link for the asset style to change
  3. Select a new file to change
  4. Click "Go" to upload the new file

Unroole Admin - Regenerate asset from original.png

The regenerate image sizes button will allow the regeneration of alternative asset styles from the original

Sometimes it makes sense to entirely replace an asset with another of the same type. Rather the adding another asset to the system and fixing all links user have the ability to regenerate a changed asset. To fully change an asset:

  1. Navigate to the edit form of the asset to regenerate
  2. Change the original file by uploading a new original version
  3. Click the regenerate button
  4. Accept the warning

Notes on changing Assets

  • Assets can only replaced with an asset of the same type. For jpg images this means it must be replaced with an image of the same format.
  • When changing the original file of an asset

Removing an Asset

Unroole Admin - Asset Deletion.png

The delete button for an asset

Sometimes an asset is no longer of use in the system and needs to be removed to keep things clean. Follow these steps to remove an asset that is no longer in use:

  1. Navigate to the Asset Library
  2. Click on the properties icon for the asset
  3. Click the 'Delete' button
  4. You will be prompted to confirm deletion. Click 'ok' to continue
  5. Your asset should be removed from your account.

Unroole Admin - Asset still in use.png

This asset is in use and therefore cannot be deleted.

In the event of an issue such as the asset still being in use throughout the system or an internal error a message will be displayed to indicate the the asset could not be removed.

Notes when deleting an asset

  • You need to have the appropriate permissions on an account to be able to remove an asset.
  • Assets that are currently in use cannot be deleted. See Asset Dependencies
  • Note that deleting an asset is permanent and cannot be undone.

Bulk Asset Management

Mass (or bulk) assets management offer a consistent way on making simple changes to many assets in the asset library at one time.

Mass Uploads

For more information regarding bulk uploads see here

Mass Updates

Unroole Admin - Bulk editing assets.png

Bulk editing the tags and share options of a group of assets.

Bulk updates allow a user to make mass changes to a group of assets in the asset library. To bulk edit assets follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Asset Library
  2. 'Check' assets that should be edited from the asset list. You can use the search menu to limit the asset library result set before checking assets to edit
  3. Select edit from the bulk edit menu
  4. Click 'submit' to enter the bulk management form

Once you are in the bulk management form you will be able to manage fields just as you would through the normal asset update form. Note that not all fields are available in the bulk edit form due to the nature of potentially different assets.

Unroole Admin - Asset update selecting description for change.png

Bulk editing the description of a group of assets.

To make changes to an asset you must first check the field that you wish to change. Unchecked fields will be left alone when submitted to the server. This allows you to manage which fields are updated and which remain the same.

Some useful scenarios for bulk editing are:

  • Changing the tags of an asset.
  • Mass updating the share, edit, print properties of an asset.
  • Setting a base name of a few assets (and then updating them individually afterwards)
  • Changing the description of a group of assets.
  • Changing the private status of assets.

Notes on bulk editing

  • When updating tags on bulk edit the previous tags on an asset will be fully replaced. Therefore if the previous tags were "demo", "news", "adventure" and a list of "demo", "sample", "misc" is entered the "news" and "adventure" tags will be dropped.
  • Name and description fields on bulk updates will overwrite each property respectively for all assets being edited.

Mass Removal

Unroole Admin - Asset Bulk Delete.png

Bulk removing a group of assets.

Bulk deletes of assets allow for an admin to quickly remove unused assets from the system. If an asset is used by another part of the system it cannot be removed. Assets can be bulk deleted in the same way they are updated.

  1. Navigate to the Asset Library
  2. Tick the assets to be deleted
  3. Select 'delete' from the bulk edit menu
  4. Click 'submit' to delete the assets

The system will make sure that any assets being deleted are not already in use by the system.


In some rare cases assets that are corrupted or misformatted on upload will give errors. If this happens be sure to verify the file format locally or contact the system administrator.