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An admin is a person or business whose primary purpose is to access different content available in the system on one of the Accounts. Each admin account has their own unique settings, properties, roles and permissions along with a host of other information.


Unroole Admin - Unroole Profile Panel.png

The general properties of an unroole admin.

Admin properties control how you access the system and are contacted.

  1. Click your name under the admin level image
  2. Click the "Profile" section tab if it is not already selected.
  3. Click "My Profile" to gain access to your properties.

A detailed explanation of each property is provided below:

  • Login - This is the username you use to login to the admin panel.
  • First/Last Name - Used in combination to customize your admin presences throughout the system. You can add a middle name to either field.
  • Contact Phone - Used in combination with your email incase of system or billing issues.
  • Email - Used in combination with your phone for incase of system or billing issues.
  • Password Fields - Used to change your password. Only password hashes are stored in the database so if you loose your password it will need to be reset. We recommend changing your password at least once every few months as a good practice.

Every property can be changed after you account has been created to give you full flexibility in managing your profile. See Changing your Admin Password for more information about passwords.


Unroole Admin - Admin Settings.png

Displaying the settings of an admin in the system.

Admin settings give each admin in the system the ability to personalize the system interface to suite their preferences. You can get to this section with these steps:

  1. Click your name under the admin level image
  2. Click the "Profile" section tab if it is not already selected.
  3. Click "My Settings" to gain access to your personal settings.

Each of the settings changes the look an feel of the system however will not affect any of the contents stored within it. A detailed explanation of each setting is below:

  • Default Theme - Gives the ability to change the theme of the admin panel. Alternative themes may not be available for every installation.
  • Collapse inactive sidebar links - If set to yes only the currently active sidebar section will be displayed at a given time. No will expand the sidebar at all times.
  • Time Zone - Displays all times in the CMS in the given time zone. All times in the database are stored in UTC but converted for admin display based on this setting.
  • Admin Mode - There are two types of admin modes which can be used to show/hide various panels on the sidebar. Advanced will show all accessible panels while basic will hide the less often used ones.
    • Note that you can access any hidden panel if you have the appropriate Roles and Permissions even if its not in the sidebar.


Unroole Admin - Admin Many Accounts.png

A sample admin user with access to many Accounts

Every admin in the system has the ability to belong to many different Accounts. These accounts can be managed in the "My Accounts" section of a profile. To see which accounts you have access to:

  1. Click your name under the admin level image
  2. Click the "Profile" section tab if it is not already selected.
  3. Click "My Accounts"

From this panel you can perform the following actions:

  • Create a new account (with appropriate permissions)
  • Navigate to an account by clicking the account link
  • View properties about that account (with appropriate permissions)
  • Edit properties of that account (with appropriate permissions)

Unroole Admin - Admin Accounts With Warning.png

Listing the Accounts a user has access to along with information due to their limited profile

Some profiles have limited access to create new accounts depending on the setup of the system. This many denotes by either a warning message or informational popup. In this case either the system administrator must change that users profile type or the user must be invited to other accounts to gain further access.


Unroole Admin - Invitation Panel.png

Inviting a new user to join the system

Rather than requiring that every administrator of an account be responsible for setting up new users to the system unroole CMS uses an invitation process. Other admins can be invited to the system through the invitiation panel.

  1. Click your name under the admin level image
  2. Click the "Profile" section tab if it is not already selected.
  3. Click "My Invitations" to gain access to your personal settings.

Depending on your profile you may or may not start off with some invitations. Invitations can only be added by system administrators. Once you obtain an invitation you can send these invitations via email to users who can then use them to signup to the system. To invite a user to the system:

  1. Navigate to the "My Invitations" panel
  2. Enter the email(s) of the users to invite.
    • Emails that have already been added to the system or invited by another users will not send a second invitation.
  3. Click "Submit" to invite the users to the system.

Additional Notes

  • Users who receive invitations must signup with whichever email they were sent. They can then change them after they complete their profiles.
  • Adding users to the system is the first part of adding users to an account. See Adding Users to an Account for more information.
  • Note that some setups may have additional plugins which allow for importing or managing of users from other 3rd party systems.


Unroole Admin - My Feedback Panel.png

Displaying user feedback from the profile panel.

If you ever encounter a problem or have a useful suggestion you can submit feedback through the "My Feedback" panel. To get to this panel follow these steps.

  1. Click your name under the admin level image
  2. Click the "Profile" section tab if it is not already selected.
  3. Click "My Feedback"

From here you will be able to browse any feedback you previously submitted and see the response status if applicable. Note that each piece of feedback can only contain a single response. If your problem cannot be resolved in a single response you may be directed to an alternative tool or link where the dialogue can continue.

There are five types of feedback to choose from:

  • Suggestion - Indicates something you would like changed in the system.
  • Question - If you unsure about how something works and need some kind of response.
  • Feedback - Your personal thoughts about the CMS. Hopefully positive :)
  • Issue - If you have a problem use this to tell us more about it.
  • Other - For everything else your not sure how to categorize.

Unroole Admin - Submit Feedback from anywhere.png

Feedback is available from any panel in the cms

Any feedback can be submitted from either the "My Feedback" panel or by using the link at the bottom of every page on the admin panel. Whenever feedback is submitted the system may also record some additional information about where you were and what you were doing to help use determine what may have caused the issue.

Additional Information

Changing your Password

Unroole Admin - Unroole Profile Panel Password Change.png

Highlighting the password fields in the profile properties change panel

Their are two main ways to change an admin password depending on the situation. If you are able to login and remember your old password you can change this information from the "My Profile" section of the admin.

  1. Login to the cms
  2. Click on your name under the level image
  3. Navigate to Profile -> My Profile
  4. Click "Edit your profile"
  5. Enter a New password and confirmation into the corresponding fields
    • Note that passwords must be at least 8 characters long and must including at least one letter and one number. Special characters are also allowed.
  6. Click submit to save your changes

Note: When updating your profile if you leave either of these fields blank the system will not change your password.

Unroole Admin - Password Reset Link.png

The link on the admin login page to reset a password.

Unroole Admin - Password reset.png

Entering the email on the account whose password you want to reset.

Alternatively if you cannot remember your login credentials you can request a password reset by email.

  1. Navigate to the login page for the admin.
  2. Click on the password reset link
  3. Enter the email address associated to your admin account
  4. Click the "Reset Password" button
  5. In approximately 5-10 minutes you should receive an email with a link to reset your password.
    • The password reset link is time limited and will expire if left unused
  6. Follow the link
  7. Enter your new password and confirmation.
  8. Click the "Reset Password" button to save your new password and be brought back to the admin login page

Note that if you remember your old password at any time throughout the process you can use it to login to the system via the admin login page.

Navigating your Profile from Other Levels

Navigating to Your Profile From Other Levels