Mobile Briefcase Application

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Mobile Briefcase allows teams to access centrally managed content on the iPad.

  1. Organized - structured content for your distributed teams.
  2. Security & control - allow only the right people to see the right documents.
  3. Brand perception - preserve corporate messaging using view only access.
  4. Simple, Secure Sharing - easy to manage from centralized administrator.

Mobile Briefcase is an enterprise App where delivery of documents is controlled by our back-end software. Please go to to set up your administration account for the software. For your convenience, a sample user account is available for you to test the App without going through the aforementioned step.

With Mobile Briefcase you get:

  • peace-of-mind in knowing the documents that you publish to your team are centrally controlled.
  • offline access to documents when WiFi/3G is not available.
  • ability to build and publish interactive documents and books with HTML5.
  • enterprise forms that can feed your backend system such as order entry, online data-collections, and surveys.
  • ability to add your existing web pages to your mobile briefcase workflow
  • appropriate permissions so that only the authorized team members see the right documents.
  • a cloud based library.
  • deep linking in PDF documents.
  • organized documents for each group and user.
  • instant publishing of any type of document (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, videos and more)
  • analytics and audit trail that shows you what documents were opened and when.
  • control over branding or prevent unwanted changes.
  • ability to wipe documents from the device when someone leaves the company.