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unroole is a fully featured content mangement platform built on top of the wildly popular application framework Ruby on Rails. unroole places the power to create, modify and deploy content completely in the hands of your designer. Through our easy-to-use layout editor and modular widgeting system, they are able to develop a website that meets your unique needs quickly and efficiently. No background in coding is required. You can begin working with unroole right out of the box with minimal setup.

Core Concepts

Multimedia and Document Asset Library

CMS admins can upload images, videos, documents and any other file to the asset library. Assets can be sorted by time and are easily retrieved using a single-field search box.

Youtube video content

CMS admins can add Youtube videos to the Asset Library. The videos can then be used in widgets just like any other asset and displayed on the web page as standard YouTube videos, or in other custom formats.

Widget-based content authoring

Web pages are composed of content widgets that are easily added into a template and reordered to accommodate complex page designs. The CMS can be extended with custom widgets to create a completely customized user experience. This content authoring technique is very powerful. It ensures compliance with web standards and allows content creators to build upon existing page designs without requiring any advanced technical abilities.

Full HTML control for power users

In order to accommodate exceptional situations where CMS admins want to create content that is not available through the standard and custom widgets, Unroole provides html widgets and a blank html template. These can be populated with html, css and javascript code.

Page versioning and concurrency control

Page versioning allows content authors to create several versions of a page and select which version is visible on the site. Concurrency control ensures that page versions can only be edited by one person at a time.

Live page preview and in-context editing

Content creators can preview any unpublished version of a page to see exactly how the page would look to a site visitor when published. Also when viewing a page the content editor can click a link that takes them to the administration panel where they can quickly make modifications to the page. Of course, this link is only visible when the content editors are logged in.

Multi-level navigation

Content creators can modify the navigation elements of a site and define a parent-child relationship between navigation bars. For instance users may want to create a header navigation bar and define different sidebar navigation bars for every header link.

Social media integration

Unroole provides Facebook and Twitter integration and can be extended to integrate with a number of other social media services through custom widgets.


Resource based access control

Unroole administrator accounts can be customized to allow access to very specific parts of the administration panel. For example user A can be given access to view and modify pages, while user B can only view pages, but can edit and moderate comments in the blog section. Resource based access control means Unroole accounts can be configured to match different business requirements.

Cross-site request forgery protection

All session and cookie data is encrypted to prevent malicious users from performing cross-site request forgery attacks.

User authentication audit logs

Whenever an administrative user logs into Unroole, the system records the IP and time of login. In the administration panel specially authorized users can view this information and identify potential security issues.

SSL support

Unroole can be configured to use the strongest web-based encryption to protect both the front end and administrative sections of the site.

Enterprise Level Features

Support for custom business logic

Unroole is built on the Ruby on Rails framework and can be extended to provide custom web application features. Ruby on Rails provides many plugins that can be reused by the Unroole-powered site.

Multiple Database Support

Because the CMS is built on rails it is able to connect and talk to a variety of SQL/NoSql based databases. These include but are not limited to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySql.