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We are a team of young, passionate and highly-skilled professionals that enjoy working with cutting-edge technologies and following the latest trends. We come from different backgrounds and offer diverse ideas, experiences and opinions in our roles, but we all share a common desire: To innovate, collaborate and build awesome stuff that makes us proud.

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, SoftGravity is an ideal place to make "awesome stuff" happen. We enjoy an extremely friendly, enthusiastic and co-operative work culture. Every month the entire team participates in an "R&D day" (a day dedicated to researching cool technologies and prototyping interesting concepts). On a bi-weekly basis we all take part in a "Book Club", session dedicated to sharing and discussing technology books that we have been reading. We also take part in a lot of community events such as the Facebook Hackathon, DemoCamp, Rails Pub Night, and the Game Developer Conference. And after hours, we team up for Settlers of Catan, basketball, pool or bowling.

Who's Using Soft Gravity

Working with our agency partners, Soft Gravity has a proven track record of providing software solutions that grow client brands along with their web presence. Our clients range from retail and packaged goods companies to financial and telecommunications leaders. Visit our site to learn more.

Contact Us

Whether it's a Smartphone or a Facebook application, a one-time promotional site or a long-term web solution, Soft Gravity has the experience and track record to deliver customized solutions that meet your needs and those of your clients.