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Add vanity domain in unroole.

Vanity domains allow admins to link client friendly domain names to either your accounts or channels. Vanity domains can be used to brand the login for the admin panel of an account or create a user/SEO friendly url for channel visitors. Once setup, users that visit your vanity domain (ex., will actually be served the live site of your account/channel (ex: channel => Note that this is different than a redirection since users will never see your system generated subdomain (ex. for either your account or channel.

How To Setup

To configure a vanity domain you need to first setup a cname with your DNS provider. The steps to configure cname for different DNS provider varies, here we use easyDNS as an example.

  1. In your easyDNS account, navigate to 'CNAME Records'.
  2. Click on 'edit'.
  3. Follow the given instruction on the 'Edit CNAME records' page.
  4. After you are done configuring your DNS, navigate to and login to your unroole account.
  5. Navigate to your accounts or channels list, and click the 'Edit' icon for the account or channel you want your url to points to.
  6. Under the domain section, enter your url. This url is the url which you want it to points to your account or channel. So when user goes to this url, it will display the content of your unroole account or channel
  7. You can add multiple url by clicking on 'Add another domain'
  8. Click 'Submit' to complete.

Note: Before finalizing the save of a new vanity domain the system will check to ensure the vanity domain is not currently in use elsewhere and that the DNS record has been setup correctly.

Example Usage

Vanity Domains can be used for many purposes. Below are some reasons for vanity domains to be used:

  • Account admin panel branding
  • User friendly channel url's
  • SEO friendly channel url's
  • Localization
  • Subdomains of a larger website domain


Let's say you want to setup a bilingual site with English and French content. You want to host English content at "" and French content at "". You could setup the vanity domains as follows:

  • Create two channels, one for English and one for French, you can easily unify their looks and feel by using the same Channel Layouts and Theme.
  • Setup vanity domain for english channel as ""
  • Setup the vanity domain for the french channel as ""
  • Add a simple cross link in the Navigation Widget or Html Widget to switch between the english and french websites.

You can also point multiple domains to a channel. For example you can setup your vanity domains with "", "" and "" each of which point to the same English channel.