Mobile Briefcase Collection Extensions

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Mobile item properties.png

Displaying the share, edit, print settings in the mobile briefcase application

To give admins more granular control over the mobile application the mobile briefcase collections are extended with some additional functionality. These additional options currently provide the ability to control whether items on the Mobile Briefcase Application can perform certain actions. These actions are:

  • share
  • edit
  • print

Currently this includes defaults for these items can be set for the following items:


MBA sharing through email.png

Sharing a pdf file through email.

Sharing on the application allows for admins to control whether a particular item can be shared on specific services. The default sharing service is email which will allow you to send the asset/page via email. Please note that once sent by email the item will no longer be controlled by the system. Also large items may be limited by certain restrictions on both email providers and services.


MBA opening an asset in a different application.png

Opening a pdf file in another application.

The editing property allows for the admins to give the user access to open the file using another application in the system. Once opened in an external application any changes made to the file will no be available in the mobile briefcase application.


MBA print menu.png

Setting up the print job for a pdf on the AirPrint menu.

Printing allows for an admin to set whether the item can be sent to a pre-established [[1]] printer. Note that not all items will be printable due to the nature of the item. Ex: video

Default Values

Unroole Admin - Collection Item able columns.png

Displaying the share, edit, print settings in a collection for various items. *'d items are defaulted to no.

Sometimes users will not want to set the extended properties on the collection. In this case they are take from the item or system default. When this occurs the system will display a '*' next to the value that is defaulted.