Creating A New Account

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 | A video illustrating account creation and the options it provides.


Depending on the type of profile you have in the system you may have the ability to create new accounts. Creating accounts is extremely easy and can be accomplished with a few steps.

Additional options can also be configured eithier during creation or afterwards such as Vanity Domains and an account logo. The logo will be visible in the admin panel when browsing on that account which the vanity domain can be used to hide the admin panel behind a more friendly address. The only optional that cannot be added after creation is the 'seed' data checkbox.

Admin unable to create account.png

A user who does not have access to create additional accounts.

Some profiles do not have access to create accounts. If this is the case you will need to contact the system administrator to upgrade your profile or enable this permission for you. Below are the steps for creating a new account:

  1. From anywhere in the admin panel click on your name just under the logo.

    Navigate to profile level.png

    Your name should always be available
  2. You should be redirected to the profile level. Select 'My Accounts'

    Admin Account Management Panel.png

    The account manangment panel
  3. Click 'Create new account'
  4. File in your name and subdomain. You can use the automatically populated subdomain or choose your own. Logo, vanity domains and seeds are optional.

    Admin Panel - New Account.png

    Minimum account information
  5. Click 'Submit' to finalize your choice. This information can be changed later so don't worry if you didn't type something correctly.
  6. Your newly created account should be complete.