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Assets in unroole are simply the term given to any supporting rich media content or other file that can be shared throughout an account. Generally assets are binary (a.k.a non-text) files uploaded to the [[Asset Library}}.

Supported Formats

The system supports a variety of formats for documents. It is able to detect these formats and identify some simple naming or formating errors preventing problems when integrating this type of content in other parts of the system.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • PDF documents
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint Documents
  • Keynote Files
  • Some Compressed Archives
  • etc

All other asset types that the system is unable to identify are simply given the type of 'Document'.

Alternate Styles

Unroole Admin - Asset library versions.png

Displaying the stock grass image and its alternative image styles.

To make things easier images and PDF assets support alternative styles. These styles can be used in most places just like the original file. Sometimes these styles will be stored in a different format to allow admins to leverage the alternative style of their asset in unique ways. For example PDF files will be stored in the JPG format to allow them to be displayed on pages or in galleries. By default the system styles are:

  • original
  • thumbnail
  • icon

For custom installations these styles can be expanded upon and managed during inital setup.

Not all of the asset types however support this feature. (ex: 'Document') In this case the system is smart enough to know when to display the alternative version and when to hide them.

Asset Dependencies

Unroole Admin - Asset used in.png

An assed used in a collection

When an asset is used in some other part of the system an association is made to where it is used. This information is used to track the asset usage when it can be deleted. For each asset you should be able to see the other items in the system that are using this asset in the properties panel.

Other Functions

Private Assets

Unroole Admin - Asset Public Accessibility.png

Highlighting the status of a publicly available asset

Assets in the system can be shared eithier privately or publicly. Privately shared assets are only accessible from the admin panel or when added as content through other panels (ex: Layout Editor). This means that sharing or bookmarking a link to these assets will not work. If this functionality is required an asset should be changed to public which gives full access to share the asset outside of the CMS.

Extended Functionality

Assets may also have other properties used exclusively in different parts of the system. An example of this would be the Mobile Briefcase Collection Extensions. These features will only be present when certain engines have been included in the system build.


In some rare cases assets that are corrupted or misformatted on upload will give errors. If this happens be sure to verify the file format locally or contact the system administrator.