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In unroole a "Channel" is a logical grouping of content that cannot be shared between other channels or accounts. Each channel can be thought of as a T.V. or Video Streaming channel. A channel is a combination of content from both it's parent account as well as its own unique content. Each channel has the following properties:

  • utilize shared content available on an account.
  • Provides a logical grouping of content that is not shared between other accounts or channels.
  • Adds domain specific functionality. Ex: Web Pages, templates, wizards

Website Channel

Website Channel Dashboard.png

Website channel dashboard

The website channel is mainly used for creating website. Admin can use the website channel to:


Website Channel Settings.png

Website channel settings
Name Description
Site name The name of the site to display.
Mail host links Your email host for this site.
Email noreply The no reply email address.
Email info The info email address.

Mobile Briefcase Channel

Mobile Channel Dashboard.png

Mobile channel dashboard

The mobile briefcase channel is the back-end management platform for the Mobile Briefcase Application. Admins use mobile briefcase channel to:


Mobile Channel Settings.png

Mobile channel settings

From the settings you can choose 4 images from your asset library to display in each of the 4 ad spots. You can click on the 'landscape' or 'portrait' links to see where each spot is located.

Channel Management

Channel Properties

Channel Properties.png

Website channel properties
Name Description
Name Name of the channel.
Subdomain The domain of this channel.
Logo Choose a logo for your channel.
Domains The domain for which you will use it to point to the subdomain above, for details please see Vanity Domain.

Creating a New Channel

  1. Login to your profile and select the account you want the website to associate with from the top navigation.

    Select Account.png

    Select Account
  2. Navigate to 'Channels' under 'Accounts' from the left navigation bar.

    Navigate to Channels.png

    Navigate to Channels
  3. Click 'Create a new channel'.
  4. Choose the channel type you want to create, for this example we will use website, so click 'Website'.

    Choose Website Channel.png

    Choose Website for channel type
  5. Complete the mandatory fields, then click 'Submit'. Most of the fields are pretty straight forward, the only one you might need more detail is Vanity Domains.

    Website Channel Fields.png

    Fields for website channel
  6. After the successful creation, you will be redirect to the channel dashboard. If you have seeded your channel you can click on 'View Live Site' on the right of the top navigation bar to see the website. If you did not seed your channel, you can navigate to 'Pages' under 'Channel Content' to create pages for your channel.

    Channel Content Pages.png

    Channel Pages

Removing a Channel

Remove Channel.png

Remove a channel

Removing a channel will remove all the content in that channels, including all the Pages, Layouts, Themes, Templates. The removal of a channel cannot be undone, so be very sure before you remove a channel. To remove a channel:

  1. Navigate to the account which the channel belongs to.
  2. Navigate to 'Channels' under 'Account'.
  3. Find the channel you want to delete and click on the icon with the hammer.
  4. Click the delete button.
  5. Two more popups will show up to confirm the deletion.
  6. If you really sure you want to remove the channel click ok for both popups and the channel will be removed.


The following illustrates a few simple scenarios where users can use the different channel types to achieve their goals.

Promotional Websites


  • A marketing company "Green Guerilla Designs" manages a number of client brands
  • Each client has a number of promotional websites that must be created.
  • Each client has a unique branding look and feel that must be adhered to.

To achieve the maximum amount of shared content between promotions without duplicating content:

  • A "Green Guerilla Designs" admin sets up one Account for each client.
  • The company creates a unique Theme for each client and each to that client's Account.
  • The company creates a default Channel Layout that works with the clients theme on each client Account.
  • The admin creates Website Channel's on each client's account and set's it to the default theme/channel layout combination.

Product Marketing


  • A company "Steel Widget Inc" has two product lines, an A-series product and a B-series product.
  • They want to have two separate websites for A-series and B-series products that has a somewhat similar looks and feel but different content.
  • They also want to have a Mobile Briefcase Application to distribute marketing documents to all the sales person for A-series product.

To achieve this logical separation but still share common content the company can use the following setup:

  • A "Steel Widget Inc" admin sets up one company Account with additional content admins.
  • The admin or a company content manager adds all shared data(ex. Channel Layout Templates and Marketing Documents) at the account level.
  • The admin adds two Website Channel's for each product series
    • Both channels use the same templates which the the company created at the account level.
  • The admin adds a single Mobile Channel for A-series products.
    • This channel utilizes the shared data(ex. Marketing Documents) used by the website so that all the sales person on A-series product can have these documents on their iPad to use on the go and they stay in-sync with the website.