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Layout boxes.png

A simple example of a page with a few boxes including an empty one on the bottom right used as a placeholder.

Boxes are one of the primary layout elements of the unroole Layout Editor. Within a layout boxes have two major functions.

  1. Sub-divide a layout
  2. The holding object for Widgets

Each box (with the exception of the divider) has a few different properties that can be used to customize the look and feel of a box further. These can be helpful when overriding style information provided as part of a theme or when deviating from the traditional layout structure. These properties are:

  • Label - Used for naming the box for layout referencing.
  • Custom Id - Defaults to the id used by initial version of box in the system. Can be changed for easier reference.
  • Custom Classes - Allows editors to add classes that can be referenced by css of Stylesheets or Themes.
  • Container size - (autosave) The size of the box within the column grid.
  • Float to - (autosize) The alignment of the box within the grid. Either left or right aligned to the layout column grid.

Layout editor divider.png

A divider used on a page to clear the line of boxes.

There are three primary types of boxes used within layout editors. They all work in realtively the same way put provide slightly different functionality. Below is a chart explaining the different types of boxes and their uses.

Type of Box Used in Purpose
Box All layouts Sub-dividing a layout or as a container of widgets.
Dividers All layouts Provides an easy way to make a clean break of the current row.
Content Channel Layouts A specific type of box that tells the layout editor where page content should belong when displaying pages to the end user.