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Unroole Admin - Collection Item List.png

The highlighted area displays the items currently available in the collection.

The primary purpose of a collection is to group and make available different pieces of content (or items) from the CMS. Each collection contains a list of items that are available to any mobile briefcase app user that has beed added to the collection. Items in a collection are ordered to make it easier to guide which ones will be displayed first on the mobile application. Collections are similar to galleries in that they can store assets from the Asset Library. However unlike galleries, collections can also store additional types of items from the CMS and cannot be used in widgets. Items that can currently be added to the collection are:

Additionally many of the items that can be added to a collection have the ability to be shared, edited, or printed. These properties can be changed either on the items themselves or when adding items to the collection. See Mobile Briefcase Collection Extensions for more details.