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The following sections outlines the guidelines that should be used when creating or modifying a wiki articles on this wiki.


Articles should be concise and atomic or combinations of atomic units. There are two major types of articles that should be taken into consideration when considering style and design on the wiki. These are the simple atomic articles and the more complex composite articles.


An atomic article is an article that describes exactly one atomic action, topic, process about unroole or its related components. By segregating articles into atomic units it makes it easier to combine these atomic units into a variety of complex composite articles. Atomic articles should generally not include a table of contents as they should discuss only one or two key topics about a subject. Atomic articles can be transcluded (included) into another composite article using the common wiki syntax of {{:article_name}}

An example of an atomic article is Creating A New Account


Composite articles help to group together common articles into more formal articles such as tutorials, guides, or overaching sections. To keep the wiki structured composite article should generally be a combination of smaller atomic articles with very litte unique content. That is not to say they should not include any unique content but that it should be kept to a minimum. Transclusion should be used to to include atomic articles into a composite article through syntax like {{:article_name}}

As many composite articles will generaly be composed of more than one section a table of contents (TOC) will normally be required to allow users to quickly navigate to other parts of an article. To keep this TOC outside of the normal flow of the article the transclusion template {{TOC right}} can be used at the beginning of the article to float the TOC to the right. Note that this tag can only be used once within an article.

An example of a composite article is Account Management


Image tag of example screenshot
Image Box of Google Chrome with resize and screen capture plugins installed.

Screen capture plugin on chrome.png

Cropped Image Box of Google Chrome with resize and screen capture plugins installed.
Infobox of Google Chrome with resize and screen capture plugins installed.

Images on the wiki should be taken without supporting browser bars and navigation elements. The exception to this would be images where navigation instructions are necessary. In that case the browser screenshot should be taken with minimal ui and stylistic elements as well as a generic theme.

On average they should be a minimum of 1200x720 pixels and no larger than 1920x1080 unless otherwise required for explanation of a topic. A good cobination for taking consistent images on different systems is to use 'chrome' webrowser with the screen capture plugin installed.

Images should be presented using infoboxes or image boxes where applicable and {{clear}} transclusion tags should be used to prevent images from flowing into other sections of an article. Additionall images may be present in the body of an article to illustrate various steps of a process or to guide a user through more complex scenarios.


Galleries should conform to a specific height and size when added to a page. Ensure that images used in a gallery follow the same guidelines as those used in image boxes.



 | MXyYF0G7X1A
 | 300
 | right
 | A short tutorial video on using the asset library.


Video's can be embedded from various online media outlets. In most cases video's should be added to youtube in HD format and duplicated on the unroole youtube channel for official videos.